Expertise & Strengths

Mauritz & Company’s approach to investment banking is to tailor its services to each client’s needs and objectives. Significant resources are dedicated to each client in order to understand its business, requirements and capabilities. Mauritz & Company often works with clients on a repeat basis, developing a long-term relationship and helping execute a client’s financial strategy over several years.

Through its working relationships and contacts with a wide range of financial institutions, financial investors and local companies, Mauritz & Company is well placed to construct such financial strategies which best respond to its clients’ needs and objectives.

While a large part of Mauritz & Company’s role is identifying opportunities and devising financial strategies, emphasis is placed on structuring and executing transactions. Mauritz & Company provides the most value in negotiating the terms of a transaction along with its clients. Mauritz & Company’s extensive banking and investor experience and its constant presence in the markets enable it to evaluate and negotiate optimal terms for its client in each transaction.


Mauritz & Company has in-depth knowledge of financial instruments and processes. We structure transactions to meet market requirements on the best terms for our clients. In evaluating offers, we help our clients sort through the jargon to understand all terms and issues. We prepare highly professional documents (such as Information Memorandums) in the format expected by banks and/or investors, enhancing the transaction’s process and result.


Mauritz & Company and its partners enjoy an excellent reputation among banks, investors, clients and decision-makers of large companies and the administration for both integrity and excellence in work.

Access to Investors

Mauritz & Company has excellent working relationships and contacts with a wide range of investors and banks, both local and international, as well as leading companies in different industries.

Execution Focus

Emphasis is placed on structuring and executing transactions, not just advising. Mauritz & Company handles all the details of a transaction while you use your time to do what you do best – manage and develop your business.

Negotiating Experience

Mauritz & Company is staffed by bankers and financial market professionals and is thus able to negotiate with banks and investors on an even basis and to obtain the best terms for its clients. The firm and its people have participated in numerous transactions, including project financings and mergers and acquisitions. Whatever the type of transaction, we help the client control the transaction process rather than the counterparties.

Local Firm

Mauritz & Company is staffed by professionals, expatriates and locals, all of whom are based in the region and speak Czech or Slovak fluently. Mauritz & Company has excellent on-the-ground access to local companies.

Competitive Fees

Mauritz & Company normally seeks competitive retainers, with the bulk of our compensation paid only upon success. We aim to provide the highest quality services at fees much lower than large financial institutions.

No conflict

Mauritz & Company does not lend or underwrite and does not compete with banks or investors. Mauritz & Company provides clients with objective advice and promotes the client’s best interest in every aspect of the transaction. Unlike banks or brokerage firms, when negotiating alongside clients, Mauritz & Company is not perceived as a competitor by investing counterparties.